Illegal Practices Endanger Lumber Industry

With more than 23 years in the lumber industry, Victor Barringer currently serves as the President and CEO of CLC Hardwoods, the Chairman of Builders Supply, and the Chairman of Acadian Wood Products LLC.

Having personally seen lands across the world deforested by illegal logging, Victor Barringer understands the impact of this activity on the world’s lumber. He also appreciates the necessity of operating on a sustainable basis in order to ensure that these natural resources remain available for generations to come. His strong belief in the importance of this cause led him to speak before the Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, and Oceans of the U.S. House of Representatives, asking for an amendment of the Lacey Act and further legislation to halt illegal wood importation and protect forests across the globe.

As the head of a lumber company, Mr. Barringer also understands the converse side: that maintaining sustainable practices and following forestry laws involves substantial costs. However, he accepts these restrictions on his business for the greater good that will result, both for him and those who come after, and encourages others to consider this as well.

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Victor Barringer: Sustainable Timber Harvesting

Victor Barringer is the President and CEO of CLC Hardwoods, a global hardwood lumber manufacturer headquartered in the central Appalachians.

Timber is one of the world’s most precious renewable resources. CLC Hardwoods is committed to sustainable timber harvesting practices as a means to retain the valuable resources of a healthy and productive natural environment, now and into the future.

Commercial forestry is a long-term endeavor, taking place over decades and centuries that trees need in order to reach maturity. Therefore, sustainable harvest practices, which take into account future health and regeneration capabilities of the forest, are critical to a successful lumber business.

Professional foresters are responsible for the management of CLC Hardwoods’ forestry operations. Loggers who work with the company are required to complete educational programs that cover environmental regulations and minimal-impact harvesting and construction techniques. CLC Hardwoods recognizes that strong environmental stewardship of our forests is in the best interests of the company, local communities, landowners, and future generations.

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Victor Barringer on Illegal Logging’s Devastating Impact

In recent years, nearly 50 percent of lumber products come into the U.S. from China and Indonesia, countries suspected of using illegal logging practices. Illegal logging not only devastates natural ecosystems, but it also places companies that log legally at a competitive disadvantage. Here, Victor Barringer, an industry expert, outlines the global scale of illegal logging and its effects.

—Illegal logging pushes down the worldwide price of lumber between seven and 16 percent.

—From 23 to 30 percent of globally sourced plywood and lumber may be the result of illegal logging, according to the World Bank.

—As much as 88 percent of Indonesian timber is thought to be illegally logged, according to a 2007 United Nations Environmental Program report.

—Illegal timber production costs governments an estimated $15 billion per year in lost royalties, according to the World Bank.

Owner of a lumber manufacturing company, CLC Hardwoods, Victor Barringer has testified before Congress on the negative effects of illegal logging.

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